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Until we promote competence over confidence

Another IWD has come and gone. Rather than go back to business as usual, we say it should Never Not be International Women’s Day. Welcome to a mind-changing, bias-ridding, downright mutinous loop of ideas and musings from women in the creative and associated industries everywhere that will run 24/7/365 on a loop forever, or until...we don’t need to talk about it anymore.

If the last couple of years have taught us one thing, women are still a long way from equality and equity. Globally, women bore the brunt of the physical, emotional and financial impacts of the pandemic with their livelihoods affected at almost twice the rate of men.

As International Women’s Day passes, we say enough really is f*cking enough.

Enough of our stoicism. Enough of our patience. Enough of the injustice. It will be Never Not International Women’s Day until all women including women of colour, women with disabilities, and queer or trans women, stop being penalised for being women.

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Until we design businesses for equalityTom Tapper, London

Constantly aware of being in the privileged position of the white male founder of a successful branding business, Tom is interviewed by Ve on the extra efforts to ensure that Nice and Serious delivers on being a business that strives for equality.

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Until we stop packaging womenAmanda Munilla and Lizzie Bildner

I've been thinking about all the ways women are labeled—in social spaces, at work, in the public sphere. My colleague and friend, Lizzie Bildner, had recently been posting about gendered products/innovation, so I asked her to join me to unpack some of the ways we "package women".

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Until we can have it all (if we want)Alex Skougarevskaya

This is a good news story of finding a place to work that has empathy, support and a good dose of balance between work and what really matters in life. male leaders and employers have every opportunity to make an immediate impact on the imbalances – here's what that looks like.

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Until we flip the questionAndy Polaine, Offenburg

Since enough men drone on and on, this is a short talk. It's all about flipping the question from "what should we do?" to "what should we stop doing?" and dealing with the underlying structural issues that create inequity.

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